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NASA traveling saucer crash image has a true heritage at the rear of it


As significantly as headlines go, it truly is a doozy. NASA shared an graphic on Sunday as part of its Astronomy Picture of the Day series and titled it with the whimsical phrase ‘Flying saucer crash lands in Utah desert.’


If which is as significantly as you read through, then you could believe NASA is eventually fessing up about aliens traveling to Earth. But which is not the circumstance. It can be just a exciting reference to what the 2004 graphic in fact reveals: the continues to be of the house agency’s Genesis mission.


Genesis released in 2001 to analyze the sunlight. The spacecraft include things like a sample-return capsule that was formed a little bit like a traveling saucer. The capsule crash-landed back again on Earth in 2004 when its parachutes unsuccessful to open up.


‘The Genesis mission experienced been orbiting the Sunshine gathering photo voltaic wind particles that are typically deflected absent by Earth’s magnetic industry,’ says NASA, noting that some of the samples have been however in great issue in spite of the challenging landing.


NASA tracked the reentry by radar and despatched chase helicopters following it. The US Air Force 388th Range Squadron snapped the image of the capsule partly buried in the Utah desert.


The graphic is generating the online rounds this 7 days thanks to NASA’s image-of-the-working day launch mixed with the catchy title, but it truly is not in fact new. It reveals up in a gallery of photos on the official mission site.


The photo’s headline just isn’t untrue, it truly is just that it was an IFO (discovered traveling item) and not a UFO. Lovers of alien visitation theories will be dissatisfied.

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